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migfit | Emotion.Eat.FIT

Retrain the brain. Reshape the waistline.

The Old Way

Diets do not work for the majority of people. We have developed a unique technology platform to drive healthy emotional eating habits and fitness.
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52% of adults worldwide are overweight or obese and diets don’t work. Why?

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It’s a scientific fact that stress and emotions drive overeating, especially high sugar foods, and under exercising affects the brain or mindset, which then drives people into a cycle of poor food choices and sedentary behavior.

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With 100M diets per year in the US alone, people clearly want to improve their bodies but without changing their brain first, they’ll continue dieting. Few programs focus on mindset first.

THE migfit WAY

migfit focuses on emotional eating using a technology platform for weight management. Our patented technology enables people to build healthier bodies by retraining the way their brains respond to stress and to achieve greater success with diet and exercise. The program is centered around a mobile app and training exercises to target specific parts of the brain to achieve their personal health goals.

  • We turn stress into emotional eating fitness.
  • migfit addresses a primary cause of poor food and exercise habits –stress and emotional eating through brain fitness training.
  • No other program delivers the lasting, Neuroplastic brain change needed to rewire the brain’s existing stress responses and build new, healthier habits.

migfit Features

  • Set Daily Goals - Earn achievement badges by completing daily activities.
  • Log Food - Become aware of your own High fat and sugary food consumption.
  • Self-Report Emotions
  • Unlock Trace It Games



“I have struggled with sugar craving for 20 years and your program has helped me understand and make better decisions around food and exercise. I have lost 5 pounds in 30 days” - Program Participant

Meet the Team



Co-Founder&CEO Visionary, Entrepreneur. Innovator; Addiction Neuroscientist, Pharmacist, Fundraiser


Co-Founder&CTO Mobile Developer, Games Designer, Entrepreneur


Co-Founder&UX/UI Design Mobile Developer, UX/UI design, Entrepreneur

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